Automated Forex Trading Software

100% Free Software To Make $100+ Profit Daily From Trading Forex Online Even Without Any Experience….

Follow Steps Below

1. Open Forex Trading Account

2. Download Automatic Forex Signal and Install to Meta Trader

  • Download this software :  sidus v.2.ex4  ( Right click and Save Link As)
  • Save it to  => PROGRAM (C): Program Files/Ava Meta Trader/experts/indicators)

  • If you download zip file : Extract file to your PC
  • Than Copy file “sidus.v.2.ex4” and Paste to : PROGRAM (C): Program Files/Ava Meta Trader/experts/indicators

3.  Setup Forex Signal Software

  • Double click and launch meta trader and login with your ID
  • Double click “Custom Indicators” menu

Right click “sidus v.2” and click “Attach to chart

Than Allow external experts imports and click “OK

If done ,it will show automatic buy or sell signal arrows as shown in the picture below:

  • You can see how easy it is to use this signal to place order “BUY” or “SELL” by the help of Arrows
  • High recommend to place “Buy Order” if chart showing Blue Arrow (UP)
  • High recommend to place “SELL Order” if chart showing Green Arrow (DOWN)
  • Select volume from 0.01 to 0.05 (for Silver)  or 1.00 – more ( for Gold )
  • Select time frame : M15  or  H1
  • Set  Take Profits and Stop Loss to automated your order
  • Tak Profits :  +10 to +25 points is good  for M15 Time frame
  • Stop Loss : – 25 to -50 is ok
  • You can start placing order by click “Buy…. or Sell ” Button like below :

You can close order like showed below, double click order (No 1) and than click Close Button (no 2 ) :

  • If you want you can test this system opening  “DEMO” account at first.Then you can switch to Real Account .Open DEMO account to try this system for free !


4. Open Live Trading And Get up $1200 Bonus

  • Open Real Trading Account and Deposit at least  $100
  • If you deposit $100 , you can place order with volume = 0.05  Lot (0.01-0.05)
  • If you deposit  $1000 +  you will be able to  place order with Volume = 1.00 Lot or more
  • New Costumers Get Up to $1200 first deposit bonus
  • You can make deposit and withdraw money via : Paypal, WebMoney, Credit Card
  • You are asked to upload verification documents to be able to withdraw your money.Go to  “My Account – Upload Document

                                         OPEN REAL TRADING ACCOUNT

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