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  1. john says:

    I think they are quite scam,but really not sure where they make money from.

  2. gandadossa says:

    its fake = = i had few smurf id which is never been promoted, after 4 weeks i check the smurf id.. i earn 2k usd.. lol fake fake fake

  3. Keith says:

    Prelaunch X is really interesting. I set up an account since they did not need any personal information. Launch is suppose to be in 3 days. We’ll see if I get paid when the launch happens. I should get approx $3000 in sign up bonuses, if everyone participates in the launch. That’s the kicker. Everyone has to participate to make the money they speculate.


    If you haven’t signed up and your up for the possibility for making money click the link. No guarantees, but no investment or experience needed either. It was worth the chance to me.

  4. Vallis says:

    When actually are they going to launch the site? How do I withraw money from the site? Do I still need to open an account? How do I do that?

  5. jackielau says:

    how long we get that money???? 1 week or 1 moth??

  6. jackielau says:

    a i get money from Sign-up Bonuses n Commissions or just from Forex Trading Account???
    i wan to knw….

  7. VYSHAK R says:

    where is the launching link…? i am waiting for that link and build a new forex account

  8. boston says:

    i htink they are making us foooooooool
    they said launch date is 27-08-2012 they will provide us a link so that we can directly get money but now they are saying us to wait for further launches

  9. ANN MARIE (@annmarie346) says:

    I think Prelaunchx is just fake! It’s 29 Aug and nothing happen! Fake!!

  10. aaaa says:

    I think so, thei are making fooooool.

  11. Ladiesman says:

    I have followed prelaunchx up to their origin in the U.S.A. and I believe them, they are not scam. The problem with many people is that they are impatient, what prelaunchx did on Monday 27th was to start with the unlocking of launch partners 6-10 first, before they then visit the rest launch partners.

  12. alex44 says:

    Так я не понимаю,это лохотрон очередной…?!
    Я дошел до 6 уровня,на пятом у меня 9 чел.,дальше дело не идет…?!
    И вообще,инструкция на русском будет-как деньги то переводить…?!

  13. GrabItJustNow says:

    Hi Ladiesman,

    Can you please say some details about origin in the USA of this Company

  14. help says:

    i think u r a agent of prelaunchx so that’s why you are giving the side for them

  15. aaaa says:

    today do you received update mail in your account

  16. obioma says:

    i have been prelaunchx.com since 3 month now nothing to withdraw please any one that have his money he should please tell us how to do it.

  17. wwwww1 says:

    27 August ?!!! What a joke !

  18. omid says:

    i really dont understand.. i am very helpful to people who need share for money gift from prelaunch x can help people who can save life for money but delay delay delay.. i dont understand there is no paycheck no benefit.. nothing..i have no idea.. i need your help..pls email me

  19. marie43 says:

    Én is tagja vagyok és a csoportom építettem, de fogalmam nincs hogyan és mit kell tenni, hogy az igért pénz jóváírodjon számlámra, de még azt sem tudom a számlát hogyan kell megnyitni, vagy hogyan nyitódik meg, mit kell csinálni.

  20. hahs says:

    This is a scam. They claim they want everyone trained? Why? You will not be doing the training. I would bet that they never launch anything…ever.

  21. wwwww1 says:

    You’re right, hahs.

  22. Scamreveal says:

    This is a scam..,,,,October now and still they have not launched. Reason? They are still waiting for a target number of new clients. How lame!!! Still trying to figure out what their agenda was. Any notice how they do not trade as much now? Absolute scam bugs

  23. Victor says:

    Well, only God knows best, i think we need not worry since we didn’t put in our hard

    earned money, Absolutely nothing to worry about.

    Scam or no scam, thank God my money is not there, just their automated money.

  24. carmen says:

    I think I’ll wait a bit more before saying it’s a scam …….
    I would not be groaning I retired and watch as others charge in

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